3 Powerful, Engaging And Fun Soccer Drills For Kids

If you are a soccer coach for kids, then you may be wondering how you Soccer Drills For Kidscan make it easier for your kids to enjoy learning soccer skills and doing drills. There are all sorts of drills that you can do for kids in any age group, from u6 all the way up to u14!

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how you can step up the soccer skills that your kids will need in order to succeed on the field.

What Are Some Important Soccer Skills For Kids To Learn?

There are a number of different soccer skills that you can introduce to the kids on your team, even from a young age. The most essential ones include ball-holding abilities (getting and protecting); fundamental defending skills (safeguarding); and fundamental take on abilities (assaulting).

Most children commonly appear to have a couple of fundamental blocking skills, even if no one taught them how to do so. The other two categories of soccer skills require a bit more skill, so you want to make sure that you start with holding the ball, then taking the ball, and then lastly look at their defending skills and fine tune them a bit.

After you are done teaching them the basics of taking, holding, and defending, you want to teach them how to dribble the ball. Different coaches will teach their kids soccer skills differently. If you are teaching them how to juggle the ball, you want to teach them how to do the check, the cut, and the cleave.

If a kid seems to have a grip on these skills (which may not happen until they are learning soccer drills for u10 or later), then you can teach them straight ahead methods, including the knee over the ball method. As they practice these skills, they will learn to guard against those trying to steal the ball from them as well.

What Types Of Soccer Drills Are Appropriate For The Different Levels Of Soccer Play?

The following drills can be used for almost any age group, with the exception of a few, which we label with the appropriate age group.

Basic Ball Control Soccer SkillsThe first drill you want to try with any age group is a basic ball control soccer drill.

Using this straightforward soccer drill to teach ball control is a fantastic approach to show adolescent players of all ages how critical and achievable basic soccer skills can be. These can be used as early as u4 soccer drills.

The point of taking a shot at players’ first touch soccer aptitudes is to provide for them more of a chance to figure out their next move. You can do this in a number of ways, and you will want to be careful to introduce this so that injury and/or frustration does not occur.

The most effective soccer drill for this is the basic 4 versus 1 keep the ball soccer drill. This is where you send four of your players after one of your players, encouraging the solo player to keep the ball in their possession.

One of the most critical soccer abilities you can instruct your players in is ball control. Teaching your kids how to control the ball, even in soccer drills for u6 level, can be easy and a lot of fun.

As we mentioned above, juggling (or dribbling) the ball helps the child learn how to keep control of the ball, and they will feel Best Soccer Drillsmore secure in what they are doing. Another aspect of ball control includes passing and moving drills.

Make pairs of kids move up and down the field, passing the ball to one another while trying to maintain in control of the ball.

Now, there are some soccer drills for u10 and u14 that you are not going to want to try with your younger children. One of those is learning how to “head” the ball.

At this age, they are good enough to utilize heading abilities legitimately as a part of matches. Even though you may have tried heading with younger kids, you want to make sure they know how to do so for matches when they’re in this age group.

Soccer drills for u14 and u10 groups will also focus a lot more on sidekicking.  It helps to maintain control over the ball and it allows for passing to happen a lot more smoothly than it would when younger children are just kicking the ball to get it to where it is going.

Are There Any Fun And Engaging Soccer Drills That We Can Teach Our Kids?

If you have a younger crowd, or even if you want to mix up the soccer drills for your older kids, there are options. You can find a lot of fun soccer drills for kids that will bring about laugher, enjoyment, and still teach your kids the skills that they need to succeed. Try out these ones for size.

Hit the Coach – Recommended as a soccer drill for u4 or u6, can be used for any age.

Every child will have a ball. The players stand side by side, as close as they can, and face their coach. When the coach blows the whistle, he or she will slowly backpedal as the kids dribble, chasing their coach and trying to hit them by shooting the ball. The coach can move faster if they’re doing soccer drills for u6.

Dribble and Pass Relay Race – Recommended as soccer drill for u8, u10, and u14.

This relay race is exactly what it sounds like. You split into pairs, run and dribble to a cone, run around the cone, and come back. The first team to do the “track” twice will win. You can split into larger teams with older kids, but remember that it will likely take a lot more time – you can prevent waiting in lines by splitting into pairs!

Gonna Get Ya! Recommended as a soccer drill for u4 and u6, possibly u8

This is great for your youngest players, because running away from a monster is silly and fun! You or a parent play the “monster” and chase them around, trying to steal the ball from them. Don’t catch them, just let them have fun and run around while learning ball control and dribbling. Add extra fun by making funny noises or making scary faces!

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