Interesting and Effective Netball Training Skills for Kids

If you are worried about the health of your child, you should Netball Drills Just For Kidsencourage them to play physically demanding games. One of the games that most kids enjoy playing is netball. Playing netball not only keeps your kid fit, but also teaches them the importance of teamwork.

Learning the basics of the sport is not difficult, as there are several netball drills for kids that teach them how to defend, pass, and attack. Here are some netball drills for young adults that you will find interesting and effective:

Warm Up Drill

Your kid must warm up before playing the game to improve blood circulation and to stretch their muscles. An effective drill is to have your kid do a few laps and follow it up with some stretching exercises. A warm-up netball drill for children is Shadow Movement Warm-Up.

For this drill, you must pair up the players and ask one of the players to do bounds, single leg hops, dodges, high knee skips, short sprints, and jumps. The other player is the shadow and has to follow the movements of the first player. Once the first player completes the drill, the second player becomes the leader and the first player becomes the shadow.

Teaching How To Shoot

A fun drill for kids that teaches them how to shoot is B.E.E.F. It is an acronym which stands for Balance, Eyes, Elbow, and Follow Through. You can initially teach them this drill without the ball, and add ball once they have mastered the drill.


To do the drill, the player must stand keeping their feet shoulder width apart. Also, make sure their toes point to the post.


The player must imagine there was a witch’s hat on the ring and must try to hit the tip of the hat.


When throwing the ball, the arm of the player must be extended close to the ear and their elbow must face the ring. The player must not move their elbow to the side when throwing the ball. This will ensure the accuracy of the shoot and block out all the noise.

Follow Through

To throw the ball, the players must flick their wrist. Avoid moving the arm, as it could affect the throw.

Netball Drills For Youngsters To Improve Their Focus

There are several fun games kids can play to improve their focus. One of the games kids can play is netball tag. To play this game, the kids are divided into two teams and the ball is given to one of the teams.

The team that has the ball is tagged and they must tag the players of the other team by touching them with the netball. The game finishes when all but one player of the other team is tagged. The player who is not tagged is the winner.

Improve Pass And Catch Skills Of Player

There are several simple drills that you can teach kids to improve their passing and catching skills. One of the games you can teach kids is Passing the Bean Bag. To play this game, the players must stand in a circle and pass a small beanbag.

The players must hold the bag in the right hand and pass the bag to the player who stands on the right hand side. When that is completed, the players must change direction and pass the bag. Once they have mastered the art of passing the beanbag, introduce the ball and ensure the distance between the players in the circle isn’t too big.

Another simple game you can teach kids is Passing the Ball. To play this game, you must pair up the players and ask them to catch and pass the ball between them. The game is completed when a predetermined number of catches and passes are completed.

Netball Drills To Teach Kids Not To Step

Kids may constantly step during the game because there is a problem with their balance. It is also any indication that they don’t know how to ground their landing foot. There are several netball drills for kids that will teach them how to catch the ball in the air, land on the ground, rebalance, and pass the ball. These drills must be done slowly until the player has mastered the technique.

Teaching Netball Position To Players

There are netball drills for starters that will help them learn the areas of the court and their positions. You can start by asking players to run to different positions on the court when their name is called out. After that, you can ask them to find a predetermined position in the court and stand in that position.

Drill To Teach Basic Movement

Ask all the players of the team to stand on the base line. The coach stands in the court facing his team. The coach will then call out the movement the players must do. Some movements that players can be asked to do are running right, forward, left and back. They can also be asked to jump or touch the ground. This netball drill for kids will teach them basic movement and improve their agility.

Drills To Prevent Players From Passing To Other Team

Most kids find it difficult to remember the players of their team. To help kids remember their teammates, divide the team in two groups. One group wears a cap, while the other does not wear a cap. One at a time, the team member stands about 10 meters away from the team and tries to throw the ball back to the team.

Meanwhile, the other members of the team will move left and right or back and forth. Repeat this process at least 8 times for each team member. Kids, who have a problem throwing the ball back to their team, can increase the number of repetitions. This netball drill for kids will improve their focus and help them identify their team members.

Teaching Kids How To Defend

Shadow defending netball drill for kids will help in improving their defense skills. To do this drill, ask two players to stand facing each other. When player A moves, the player B must copy the movements of player A. Once player B gets used to the movements of player A, they interchange their positions.

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