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Interesting and Effective Netball Training Skills for Kids

If you are worried about the health of your child, you should Netball Drills Just For Kidsencourage them to play physically demanding games. One of the games that most kids enjoy playing is netball. Playing netball not only keeps your kid fit, but also teaches them the importance of teamwork.

Learning the basics of the sport is not difficult, as there are several netball drills for kids that teach them how to defend, pass, and attack. Here are some netball drills for young adults that you will find interesting and effective:

Warm Up Drill

Your kid must warm up before playing the game to improve blood circulation and to stretch their muscles. An effective drill is to have your kid do a few laps and follow it up with some stretching exercises. A warm-up netball drill for children is Shadow Movement Warm-Up.

For this drill, you must pair up the players and ask one of the players to do bounds, single leg hops, dodges, high knee skips, short sprints, and jumps. The other player is the shadow and has to follow the movements of the first player. Once the first player completes the drill, the second player becomes the leader and the first player becomes the shadow.

Teaching How To Shoot

A fun drill for kids that teaches them how to shoot is B.E.E.F. It is an acronym which stands for Balance, Eyes, Elbow, and Follow Through. You can initially teach them this drill without the ball, and add ball once they have mastered the drill.


To do the drill, the player must stand keeping their feet shoulder width apart. Also, make sure their toes point to the post.

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