Best Ideas For Kids To Master Basketball Skills

Basketball is a game that is watched by many different age groups and Youth Basketball Skillsgenerations. Basketball players such as Lisa Leslie, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James are just a few stars that have influenced many fans of basketball.

Some of that influence has inspired others to take up the sport of basketball.

Many parents and guardians alike like to start their children young within the sport of basketball in order to develop a love for the game and to develop their talent in it.

It takes a lot of practice and drills to make a good basketball player. Whether you are a coach, parent, or guardian, knowing basketball drills for your child or team to perform can make the difference between your players winning the championship and coming in second place.

Without further delay, here are some fun basketball drills for kids that you can use to sharpen your player’s skills.

What are some tips to begin basketball drills for six year olds?

Many dedicated enthusiasts of basketball like to start their children off playing basketball as soon as they can walk. Developing skills in shooting, dribbling, and passing are some of the most important aspects of youth basketball. When it comes to practicing shooting drills, one of the most important steps in beginning shooting drills is to lower the hoop and use smaller basketballs.

Lowering the hoop can help you teach the players proper shooting form instead of just allowing them to throw the ball up into the hoop using any kind of way they choose. Lower the basketball hoop to around six or seven feet (depending on your local youth league regulations).

A smaller basketball also helps them to shoot the ball farther than they normally would using a standard sized men’s or women’s basketball. For your six year olds, use a mini basketball with a 7” diameter to aid in developing his or her shooting form.

What drill can my team use to help them shoot better?

Use the “Form Shooting Drill” to enhance your player’s shooting form. First, you should give three balls to three players who will shoot on one hoop. One will be in the middle and two will be on the sides about two feet from the basketball. For your right-handed players, instruct them to point their right foot towards the hoop and their left foot a shoulder width apart and comfortably pointing away from the hoop.

Then they should bend their knees to about 45 degrees. The players should place the basketball in their dominant hand and slowly bring the basketball up as if they were shooting with one hand. Allow the non-dominant hand to dangle by the player’s side.

Now with the players arm at a 90 degree angle, instruct the player to spread their fingers and place their index finger onto the center of the ball. Stop and make sure your player’s form is correct. Now instruct the players to shoot the ball and keep their follow through form afterward. It is like reaching into a candy jar. The players should do this drill between 50 and 100 times.

What is the best drill that can improve dribbling and passing skills?

“Obstacle Dribbling” is one of the best basketball dribbling drills for kids that you can use to improve your player’s form. First you should obtain an obstacle for your players to dribble around. A few cones or chairs will do. Set the obstacles in a line about 8 to 10 feet apart. Instruct the players to weave in and out between the cones.

Then they cross the ball over to their other hand whenever they pass an obstacle. Practicing passing drills is a very simple drill to help improve your team’s passing skills. Demonstrate the chest pass, the bounce pass, and the over-head pass to your team. Practice each pass for about five minuets. You can also instruct them to run up and down the court and pass at the same time.

What is a good basketball drill for beginners ?

After your team or player has established some of the basic skills of playing basketball, you can begin to incorporate some beginning basketball drills into their routine. The “Jump Stop” drill is a very effective drill that can help improve a player’s balance, pivoting skills, and reduce the amount of travels they commit while playing the game.

First, you should line your players up on the baseline of the court. If you have more than 10 players, you will need to divide the players into two or three groups to perform the drill. The players should spread apart about 4 to 6 feet. After that, instruct your players on how to pivot.

Begin the drill by instructing your players that when you blow your whistle, they will run and when you yell out your pivot orders such as front pivot left foot or back pivot right foot, they will do each pivot for the full length of the court.

After the players become familiar with the pivot, you can then instruct them on how to add the jump stop to their pivot. Instruct them to run, then jump and stop. Then instruct your players to pivot. You should do this drill up and down the court for a minimum of five times for each player.

What can I do to help improve the player’s lay up skills?

Another drill you can instruct to your players is the “Lay Up” drill. The lay up drill is very important when it comes to developing your player or team’s scoring capabilities. First, instruct the players on how to perform a lay up. The players should jump with their left foot when the player has the ball in their right hand and vice versa.

They should also dribble with their left hand when they are approaching the basketball hoop to lay up with their left hand and dribble with their right hand when they are approaching the basketball hoop to lay up with their right hand. After the players are instructed, set the players up into two lines in front of the hoop about 20 feet away from the hoop.

One line will rebound the ball and the other will perform the lay up. The shooter will go to the end of the rebounding line and vice versa. After about 5 to 10 minuets, instruct the players to use their left hand to perform the lay up.

This will be very difficult for most of the players but it is essential for them to learn how to lay up with their left hand because during the game, a player will not always be able to dribble with their right hand and go for a right side lay up.


Instructing basketball drills for little kids can be a little hectic at times. But you will have to remember that the game of basketball is played for fun. Try not to go to hard on the kids if they are goofing off or progressing slowly with the drills.

Many of us who enjoy basketball have a competitive spirit and vigorously want to see our player’s win. However, we must remember that the youth of basketball are there to have fun. Fun keeps the game of basketball going. Drills keep the game of basketball improving.

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